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Do you have any questions about the Streets Ahead Highway Works? – Drop in Sessions in East & West Ecclesfield, Stannington and Stocksbridge

3 Sep

Amey drop in


Streets Ahead Pavement resurfacing in Deepcar and StocksBridge – April/May2018

23 Apr


Please find attached flyer below regarding the ongoing pavement resurfacing being undertaken in Deepcar and Stocksbridge.

The flyer covers work that is due to start late April / early May.

Working hours will be 7am to 7pm (9.30am to 2.30pm near schools) Monday to Friday. (Streets Ahead team don’t work bank holidays).

Although the roads will remain open Streets Ahead may need to restrict access at times to carry out the work safely.

There will be no on-street parking and vehicle access to properties may be restricted during working hours.

The specific dates of work for each street will be displayed on the on-street signs in advance of work starting.

Details of the roads and remote highway footways included as part of these works are shown on the flyer: B04WcliffeFWresurfFlyer_May18



Tips on How to Stay Well During the Colder Months

8 Feb

We are currently experience low temperatures. In order to keep you warm and safe during this period, here are our tips…

For all information relating to roads this winter, you can view our dedicated page online here.

For a full guide to winter, read our winter leaflet here.

To sign up for winter alerts, including Keeping Healthy and Well click here.


The Streets Ahead team closely monitor the weather forecast throughout the winter months so they can be ready if bad weather arrives. A fleet of 19 gritters are on standby, 24 hours, 7 days a week through until May.

For regular updates on gritters, please follow @sccstreetsahead on Twitter.


Sheffield schools will always do their utmost to stay open, however, changes to opening times may occur due to adverse weather.

If you are unsure if your school is opening, you should hear from your child’s school via their usual methods in the first instance. You can also check all school closures on

Sign up for your schools winter alerts here 

Follow @sheffcouncil #Sheffschools for regular updates.


Make sure you are prepared for winter, especially if you have long-term health conditions and are over 65.

For information on:

  • Keeping warm
  • Looking after family members and neighbours
  • Emergency care
  • Flu vaccinations
  • How to treat a cold
  • Looking after you and your home – boiler servicing, washing and drying clothes
  • And much more

Sign up to ‘Keeping Healthy and Well’ alerts here 


We aim to collect bins as normal. In bad weather, keep an eye on our alerts at and @recycle4Shef. If bad weather coincides with your usual bin collection day, please put your bin out as usual. We may not be able to collect it at the usual time but will aim to collect it as soon as possible.

We hope this is information is helpful. We will continue to keep you up to date with our winter preparations through the channels highlighted in this message.


All at Sheffield City Council and the Streets Ahead Team

Request a grit bin or a refill

12 Dec

Request for relocating an under-used grit bin

If you would like to request a grit bin relocation then the site you are recommending would need to meet 2 or more of the following criteria:

  • the road has a drainage problem
  • the road has a steep gradient of 1 in 10 (10%)
  • there is a bad bend that has a radius of less than 50 metres
  • is on a junction
  • the road has a main entrance to sheltered housing
  • the road has a main entrance to a school
  • is in an isolated area
  • traffic signals are close (within 20m)
  • a roundabout is close (within 20m)

If your location meets 2 or more of the criteria then please fill out our online form and ask us to relocate a grit bin. This will be assessed by the Streets Ahead team at the end of the winter season, with priority given to the highest scoring sites.

We would not usually consider grit bins within 200 metres of an existing grit bin, or a grit bin on any road that forms part of the priority 1 or 2 precautionary gritting routes.

Streets Ahead Team

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