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Consultation – Have your say on how the Council Spends Community Infrastructure Levy

15 Aug



The Council receives a payment called a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for new building projects, which is then used to fund necessary improvements in infrastructure.

We are seeking views on our proposals to use the Local CIL (Neighbourhood Portion) in Sheffield to:

  • promote the development of Neighbourhood Plans across the city
  • ensure that areas of higher deprivation receive a fairer overall share
  • improve how local communities are involved in the decisions on how it is spent

Why We Are Consulting


What is Community Infrastructure Levy?

“A levy allowing local authorities to raise funds from owners or developers of land undertaking new building projects in their area.”

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge paid to Councils by owners or developers of land undertaking new building projects. It is used by councils to fund improvements to the infrastructure required to support new development. This could include transport, telecommunications, energy, water supply, sewerage and drainage, schools, hospitals, health centres, sports and recreational facilities and open space.

CIL is a flexible fund. Money collected from development in one part of the city can be used to help provide essential infrastructure in another part of the city. Therefore –

  • 80% of CIL goes into a central pot and the Council decides the priority city-wide projects that will receive this funding.
  • 5% of CIL goes to the Council for administration
  • 15% is called the ‘Neighbourhood Portion’ or ‘Local CIL’ and is used to fund local infrastructure needs. Local communities will decide on how this fund is allocated.

The Council started collecting CIL in July 2015. To date (August 2018) the total CIL collected is £7.4m. £1.1m of this is the ‘Neighbourhood Portion.’

This consultation is focused on the allocation of the Neighbourhood Portion.

The ‘Neighbourhood Portion’ or Local CIL

“Anything that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area”.

Where there are town and parish councils, the CIL Neighbourhood Portion will be paid over directly to them and they will spend it on their infrastructure priorities. Sheffield has three local councils – Bradfield Parish Council, Ecclesfield Parish Council and Stocksbridge Town Council.

Where there is a Neighbourhood Plan the CIL Neighbourhood Portion is increased to 25%. A Neighbourhood Plan gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. This 25% is paid to the local Neighbourhood Forum that has developed the Plan. Up to August 2018 there have been no Neighbourhood Plans adopted in Sheffield, although 3 are in preparation.

In non-parished areas without a Neighbourhood Plan (i.e. the majority of the city), the City Council will hold the CIL Neighbourhood Portion funds and ensure that it is spent within the “communities where development takes place”

What we are seeking views on

We now need your views on how the Neighbourhood Portion is allocated in non-parished areas or those areas without a Neighbourhood Plan, as well as how local communities are involved in the decisions on how it is spent.

Please see the flowchart attached to help you visualise the process we are consulting on.


Sheffield Housing Survey – closes 31st August 2018

13 Aug

housing survey

Around 6,000 households in Sheffield will receive a survey form early next week.

If you do get one through your door we would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill it in and send it back in the envelope provided.  Three prizes of £100 shopping vouchers are up for grabs for those who do.

The aim of the survey is to improve our understanding of individual residents’ housing situations and their future housing requirements. It is part of work we are carrying out jointly with Sheffield Hallam University and Rotherham Council, to update the Strategic Housing Market Assessment.

If you have any questions about the survey, or need any help to complete it, the contact details are 0114 2736396 or

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation – Community Consultation

16 Jul

We want to give our communities a voice!

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF) is currently conducting a community consultation which will form a part of our second annual Vital Signs Report. Vital signs is a way of presenting a picture of an area using local statistics combined with the views of the people who live there. The results will help us give grants that are better targeted, and inform the work of other local agencies.

Completing this survey will take around 5 minutes.

The link –

Sheffield launches Action Plan for Adult Carers

25 Jun

The newly launched Sheffield’s Adult Carers action plan will make sure that people in a caring role continue to get the support they need so that they can care for others.

The action plan was conceptualised by carers themselves at an event they held and will support their 60,000 unpaid adult peers across Sheffield.

Sheffield City Council works not only with the individual themselves but also a range of related organisations including Sheffield Carers Centre, Sheffield Young Carers, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Health and Social Care Trust and Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group to coordinate the help and support given to the city’s carers.

Chris, who cares for his adult daughter who has autism and cerebral palsy explained that it was essential that the process was a genuine collaboration between services and individual carers and that the plan needed to be “open, honest and transparent to make lasting change”.

Pauline Kimantas, Chief Executive of Sheffield Carers Centre said “The passion in the room at the event was fantastic and it can be used to move things forward. There’s still so much to do and everybody recognises that. We’ll do our best to ensure people work in partnership.”

An important part of the plan is to make sure that carers have “a life of their own” says Emma Dickinson, the Council’s Commissioning Manager for Carers. Increasing opportunities for these people to look after their own health, have regular and sufficient breaks and to access education and work are important aspects of the Council’s plans.

“Seventy per cent of them are of working age. The plan places an emphasis on helping them to continue to work – or return to work,” she added.

Carers raised concerns about how well institutions work together and what could be done to increase communication and ensure that those they care for, and they themselves, are listened to.

There was lots of agreement that many people doing caring roles don’t see themselves as carers, so the action plan must involve ways to reach those people. Many suggestions came from carers about the ways that GPs and others could support carers to access the help that is out there for them.

The six principles that underpin the new action plan are:

  1. Access at the right time, the right type of information and advice for them, their family and the person they care for.
  2. Understanding their rights and having access to an assessment.
  3. Having a voice for themselves and the person they care for.
  4. Having regular and sufficient breaks.
  5. Continuing to learn and develop, train or work (if they wish to).
  6. Looking after their own health.

The Carers Action Plan will be reviewed every six months. The next meeting will be on 1st November, where carers and partners will discuss progress.

Healthwatch Sheffield – Help set their priorities

11 Apr

Healthwatch Sheffield believes health and social care works best when people are involved in decisions about their treatment.

They help to make sure that those designing, running, and regulating services listen to people’s views and act on them.

They have designed a survey to help paint a picture of where they should focus their efforts over the next 2 years.

They would also love to visit community groups to talk about their work and gather views in person. To take the survey, visit

For more info, hard copies of the survey or to arrange a visit, contact 0114 253 6688,

Healthwatch Sheffield’s new 2018-20 strategy, informed by all this feedback, will be published with their Annual Report in June 2018.

Closes Friday 27 April 2018.

Sheffield City Council Parks and Countryside Service: Building Better Parks Survey 2018

12 Mar

Parks and Countryside are looking at ways in which to improve your visitor experience and to encourage people to visit Sheffield’s green spaces more often to realise the health and wellbeing benefits associated with being outdoors. We very much value your feedback and will use this to help us evaluate, develop and improve our services. Please give us your thoughts about the facilities you want to see in Sheffield’s parks and open spaces. For more info and to take the survey, visit by Sunday 18 March 2018 or contact Sarah Newman on 0114 2500500 or

Sheffield Transport Vision – What Are Your Views?

24 Jan


We would like to know what your views are on Sheffield’s transport network for the next 20 years. We are currently consulting about our Vision and we would like you to complete our survey before 6th February 2018: 

We want to hear your views to help inform the next stages.  Please take a look at the Vision and fill in our survey at:

If you have questions or need further information contact:

Sheffield Domestic and Sexual Abuse Online Survey (closes 31st Jan 2018)

22 Jan

Your views and experiences are important.

Please complete the domestic and sexual abuse online survey at:

Or access via the DACT Sheffield Website:

Responses can be made anonymously.

Survey closes on 31st January 2018

Stocksbridge Residents – have your say on how you think the Councils 2018/19 Budget should be spent – 23rd Jan 2018, Stocksbridge Library

22 Jan

budget stocks

The final council budget for the year 2018/19 will be agreed in March but there is still time for local people to have their say on how money should be spent and share their ideas on how savings can be made.

Councillor Olivia Blake, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance said: “We are living in a difficult economic climate. There is more demand for our services but less money to spend.

“Between 2011/12 and 2017/18 we have had to save £390 million. Over the same period we have seen our grant funding reduced by 45%. For the coming year we have to find further savings of £30 million because of the austerity measures forced upon us by central government.

“At the moment our plans include increasing the council tax by at least 52 pence per week, for most households, to pay for social care, as 95% of councils have already done. But even this additional funding will not be enough to meet the demand.

“If anyone has an idea or an opinion on how we can make further savings we want to hear from them. Equally we want to know what people think of the services we already provide, and tell us what they think the priorities for the future should be”.

Anyone who wishes to get involved in the challenge of setting the budget can complete a survey at, or attend a public meeting.

The ‘Budget Conversation’, which started last month with the launch of an online survey, is now going on the road and local people are invited to attend public meetings to share their opinions and give advice to the people who will be making the decisions, Cabinet Members from Sheffield City Council.

DATE CHANGE FOR STOCKSBRIDGE – Invitation to Sheffield City Councils Budget Conversation 2018/19 Event

15 Jan

Invitation to Budget Conversation 2018/19 event 

In advance of the Council’s budget for 2018/19 being agreed in March 2018, including decisions about council tax levels, we are holding a number of public events to talk about the budget challenge and for people to tell us about their priorities, where money should be allocated, and where they think the opportunities are to invest or save more. We would like to invite you to one of our public events on next year’s budget.

·        Thursday 18th January 6.00 – 8.00 pm at The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield S1 4FW

·       Wednesday 24th January 6.00 – 8.00 pm at Woodseats Methodist Church, Holmhirst Road S8 0GS

·        Tuesday 23rd January 6.00 – 8.00 pm at Stocksbridge Library, Manchester Road, Stocksbridge, Sheffield S36 1DH

Between 2011/12 and 2017/18 Sheffield City Council has had to save £390 million. Over the same period, the council has seen a 45 per cent reduction in grant funding. 2018/19 will be the 8th year of Government budget cuts to local councils and next year we’re expecting to have to make further savings of more than £30 million. At the same time, demand for our services is increasing. We are keen for people to get involved and have their say. 

If you can’t make the meeting an online consultation survey can be found at . A printed version of the budget survey is also available on request by emailing phoning 0114 293 0239.