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WARD POTS 2015/16

12 Aug

Councillors in each ward have a budget that they can allocate to activities, projects and activities that will contribute to tackling their ward priorities

The ward budgets within the North Area for 2015/16 are –

East Ecclesfield – £17,152

Stannington – £13,255

Stocksbridge and Upper Don – £15,586

West Ecclesfield – £15,745

As the budgets are allocated we will post updates here on this blog page.

Details of the small grants rounds will be available soon.

For further information about ward priorities and budgets you can either contact your local councillor –

East Ecclesfield Ward Councillors

Stannington Ward Councillors

Stocksbridge and Upper Don Ward Councillors

West Ecclesfield Ward Councillors

or the Locality Officer on 0114 2053598 or email